Leader in digitally-navigated implantation and bone augmentation

Technological lead for highest precision and
perfect results

Expertdent stands for the highest competence in tooth implantation and bone augmentation. The methodology differs from conventional providers by their consistent digitization and specialization on implant-supported dentures. All steps are under one roof - from maxillofacial surgery to dental aesthetics.


In Expertdent as a patient,
you benefit from these advantages 

  • As a patient, you experience a time-compressed treatment - instead of countless appointments over weeks and months.
  • Through the consistent use of digital technology, you save more than 60% compared to conventional providers, with significantly better results. 
  • Fixed dentures 24 hours after the implantation day (The procedure at the treatment and the number of sessions largely depend on the respective jaw situation.
  • Highest experience in implantation and bone augmentation.
  • Under drowsy sleep completely fearless and painless treatments.



Patient experiences

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