Zircon oxide crowns

Zircon oxide crowns and bridges let light through– just like natural teeth. The opaque metal framework of the usual crowns and bridges stops the light. The zircon framework and the thin ceramic-layer match the color of your natural teeth perfectly, and the light permeability can be also retained. (See transmitted light test)

Extreme stability

Zircon oxide ensures extreme stability and long durability and these performance qualities have been recognised by Porsche and used in brakes, and valves of engines. It is also used in hearing prostheses, artificial joints and implants. (1200 Mpa Zr01 bending strength: That means 12 tons of maximum stress per cm2)

100 % anti-allergic

Zircon oxide is the only material that makes a 100% metal free prosthetic supply possible. The material is biological neutral/biocompatible, there is no problem of resonance and it is especially mucous membrane and fabric friendly. 
Furthermore zircon oxide – unlike the most prosthesis with metallic frameworks – does not conduct cold, heat or power!


The University of Göttingen (Germany) had been observing this technique for 6 years and summarized the main characteristics as follows:

  • good functional stability, strength
  • significantly enlarged estethic effect
  • excellent biocompatibility
  • reduced formation of fur
  • high chemical and biological stability
  • popular – mainly in the front region
  • lets the x-ray shine through
  • lightweight

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